Whether you’re ready to start your family or you’re struggling to conceive after several months of trying, you may benefit from a fertility consultation with board-certified OB/GYN Kelly O. Elmore, MD, at Viva Life Health Hub. While her primary office is located in San Diego, Dr. Elmore is a global wellness physician and makes herself available to those who need her through virtual appointments.

What is Fertility?

Fertility refers to the natural process of reproduction. Your fertility may depend on your menstrual cycle, as well as your overall health and well-being. If you’re ready to start your family, you should schedule a preconception consultation with the team at Viva Life Health Hub to improve your chances of conception and ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy for you and your baby.

What can I expect during preconception counseling?

When it comes to conception, your health is the priority. The team at Viva Life Health Hub reviews your medical and gynecological history, as well as your partner’s medical history, to better understand your specific health needs and any issues that may impair conception. The team may also talk to you about your lifestyle and habits to help you make the necessary changes for you and your baby’s health.

Based on the information gathered during your preconception exam, the team develops a preconception plan to ensure a successful pregnancy. Your plan may include:

✔Prenatal vitamin

✔Diet modification

✔Regular exercise

✔Abstinence from alcohol and smoking

The team also reviews your ovulation chart and how you can time having intercourse or intrauterine insemination with your partner to improve your chances of pregnancy.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is common enough to affect 10% of couples during their childbearing years. Infertility is defined as not being able to conceive after 12 months of trying, or after six months if you’ve reached age 35 or multiple pregnancies that end in miscarriage.

For most women, infertility occurs due to irregularities in ovulation. Less often, infertility may develop due to a structural anomaly that affects your reproductive organs.

For gay, lesbian, bi-, and transgender couples, as well as single parents, our experienced staff will equip you with expert medical advice, emotional support.What can I expect during an infertility consultation?

Dr. Elmore and the team at Viva Life Health Hub offer virtual consultations on infertility. During your consultation, the team reviews your medical and gynecological history, as well as any prior infertility evaluations. Based on the information provided, the team offers recommendations to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Treatment options may include:

✔Medication to improve ovulation

✔Surgical procedures to remove obstacles to conception

✔Intrauterine insemination

✔In vitro fertilization

Infertility doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get pregnant. To get the guidance you need for your fertility and infertility.